Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Welcome to the CORADIX Blog

In the past few years CORADIX has spent a great deal of effort developing our practice areas, constantly trying to become better at what we do. Listening carefully to our clients describe their challenges, and analyzing how our consultants can help us develop unique approaches to those challenges. To meet this challenge, CORADIX has organized “think tanks” on a wide variety of IM topics. We quickly realized the power of these think tanks, which have been instrumental in improving our capabilities. Our communities of practice, both clients and consultants have been growing enthusiastically.

To this end, the CORADIX blog aspires to stimulate a conversation with you. Our goal is to help you remain at the vanguard of innovation by imparting insights, resources and helpful tips relating to information management best practices. For those who like to write, we welcome you to speak to the CORADIX practice managers about authoring a white paper, and have a chance to have it critiqued by a very knowledgeable audience.

Marshall McLuhan a Canadian icon who studied the impact of electronic media wrote some thirty years ago “We have extended our central nervous system in a global embrace, abolishing both space and time as far as our planet is concerned…”   Social media transcends geographic and organizational boundaries. Information flow is instantaneous. We have witnessed the power of this technology; the human genome project that identified 25,000 genes in the human DNA, brought down corrupt dictators, and for some, solved really big problems like finding a mate. Social media also challenges the conventional wisdom of hierarchical management principles.

In such a dynamic environment information management can no longer be viewed in silos.  Businesses and Governments recognize the strategic value of an integrated approach to Information Management.  For example, the Government of Canada’s "Whole of Government Framework" is based on the premise that information must be “safeguarded as a public trust and managed as a strategic asset” that “provides the right information to the right people at the right time while ensuring proper e-record safeguards and policy compliance.”

The CORADIX blog is intended to explore these issues and hopefully provide a useful resource for our constituency of customers and for our valued network of consultants. To get us started you may find the linked CORADIX White Paper on “Enterprise 2.0: Where Social Media Intersect Systems of Record” of potential value. The white paper explores the challenges and opportunities associated with social media; provides tips and resources and includes a social media maturity survey to help you assess your organization’s readiness to leverage the value of social media technologies.

We invite you to join the conversation.

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