Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Comments on the Value of the Big Bucket Approach, from Bruce Miller

Bruce Miller, Founder and President of www.rimtech.ca shares his perspectives on the value of the Big Bucket approach to developing more effective and manageable retention schedules. He observed the following: “These are all good points you make Andrew. With this Big Bucket Approach you’re actually placing a less granular (bigger bucket) version of the retention schedule “in front of” the actual, detailed schedule. Suppose we have the following (3) accounting buckets:
  • Cost Accounting 4 years
  • General Accounting 5 years
  • Retail Accounting 6 years
We can replace all of them with a single bigger bucket simply called ACCOUNTING, and set the retention period to 6 years, the longest of the smaller buckets. The consolidation has a profoundly positive effect on end user classification in a large EDRMS Project. Users can now classify faster, and easier. This leads to a big increase in overall enterprise-wide classification accuracy rate, which is crucial to the success of any EDRMS system.

Without a doubt this calls for some rather radical rethinking of the modern retention schedule and the practices surrounding it. There is no question there’s a price to pay for it – some documents will be kept longer than they need to be according to their original (shorter) retention periods. However that small price is more than worth it for the huge benefit of an acceptably high classification rate.”

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